Two-Year Rule

The Two-Year Rule, located in paragraph (q) of the Miami-Dade County Ethics Code, prohibits former local government employees from lobbying their former County or municipal employers for two years following the termination of their employment.

The two-year period is calculated beginning on the day after the last day that the employee receives benefits or compensation from the County or municipality, such as payments for accrued vacation time, sick time, insurance, etc.

The rule applies to:

  • Local elected officials: mayor, commissioner, councilperson
  • Staff members of local elected officials
  • County or city manager
  • All County and municipal employees
    • Check with your municipal employer because certain municipalities have stricter post-employment restrictions

State law prohibits elected officials in the state from working as lobbyists while holding public office, and bars state and local elected officials from lobbying their state agencies or offices for six years after leaving office.