Ethics Commission Meetings

The Ethics Commission meets the second Wednesday of every month except August. Please check with the office at 305-579-2594 for cancellations.

Unless otherwise noted, all Commission meetings are held in the commission conference room located on the 8th floor of the Overtown Transit Village North Tower at 701 Northwest 1st Court, Miami, Florida 33136.

A board or commission may adopt reasonable rules and policies which ensure the orderly conduct of a public meeting and require orderly behavior on the part of those in attendance. Impertinent remarks by persons addressing the commission, or boisterous conduct by persons in attendance in response to other person’s remarks, will not be permitted. Silent nondisruptive photographing and audio or video recording of meetings is permissible during open session. So as not to interfere with another person’s view or the orderly conduct of a commission meeting, persons wishing to photograph or videotape a commission meeting or any portion thereof, are requested to advise the public information officer who will identify a designated area in the meeting room from which attendees may photograph or videotape while not interfering with the orderly business of the meeting.