Financial Disclosures

County and municipal elected officials, board members and employees all have financial disclosure obligations. Depending on what position you hold in local government will determine what form you have to complete and whether to file it locally or with the state. The financial disclosure chart helps determine which forms need to be filed.

State Form 1

Local officers and candidates for local office and designated local employees subject to financial disclosure by the State of Florida are required to file Form 1. Additionally, County and municipal employees authorized to approve expenditures exceeding $20,000 are required to file this form.

County and municipal filers must send completed Form 1 by mail or email to the Elections Department.

State Form 6

Form 6 must be filed by certain local personnel and elected constitutional officers subject to state law. This includes members of expressway or transportation authorities, circuit court judges, County judges, clerks of court, sheriffs, elected property appraisers, elected supervisors of elections, and County commissioners.

More Forms