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2014 Closed Investigations

When information regarding alleged violations of the Ethics Code is received, the Advocate determines whether it merits further investigation and may be assigned a “PI” (Preliminary Inquiry) or a “K” (Other Investigation) number. Some investigations result in complaints being filed by the Advocate.  Other investigations are closed because the Advocate has determined there was no wrongdoing or the evidence is insufficient to file a formal complaint.  Non-sequential or missing numbers may be because the investigation was referred to another agency, it resulted in a formal complaint, the PI was replaced by a K, or no action was taken and no report was produced. Should you have a question about a specific investigation, please contact our office.

K 14-01 Hanzman; K 14-03 Pascual; K 14-04 Zayon; K 14-06 Milton; K 14-07 Perez; K 14-08 Manduley; K 14-09 Korn; K 14-10 Bataille; K 14-11 Taylor; K 14-12 Barriero; K 14-13 ISD employees; K 14-14 Alvarez; K 14-15 Elias; K 14-16 Calderin; K 14-17 Regalado; K 14-18 Ruiz; K 14-19 Sloan-Simpkins; K 14-20 Walter; K 14-21 Kilby; K 14-23 Hernandez; K 14-24 McDermott

K 14-26 Safespace; K 14-27 Ott; K 14-32 Nemec-Fordyce; K 14-35 Herbert; K 14-37 Value Adjustment Board; K 14-38 Starks add- page 3; K 14-40 North Bay Village gifts; K 14-41 Blaha; K 14-43 Crespo v. Sarnoff; K 14-44 Gonzalez; K 14-46 Hernandez; K 14-49 Atesiano;

K 14-52 MDFR Training; K 14-53 Woody; K 14-55 Fernandez; K 14-56 Marcellus; K 14-57 Fernandez; K 14-58  Ultra; K 14-59 Rojas; K 14-61 NMB Staff; K 14-62 Villanueva; K 14-63 Cole; K 14-64 Pierre; K 14-66 Leslie; K 14-69 Pet's Voice; K 14-73 Ragoo; K 14-74 Ighodaro; K 14-76 Whitney; K 14-77 Dietz; K 14-78 Diaz; K 14-79 Sweetwater Comm.; K 14-80 Page; K 14-81 Cuevas; K 14-82 Ecological Paper; K 14-83 Balsera; K 14-84 Diaz; K 14-85 Coffey; K 14-86 NE MAC; K 14-88 Bell; K 14-89 Yaffe; K 14-90 Diaz

K 14-93 Pierre; K 14-94 Bell; K 14-95 White; K 14-96 Gimenez; K 14-97 Diaz; K 14-98 NMB Sanitation; K 14-100 Leonard; K 14-102 Garcia v. Gonzalez; K 14-104 Nanni v Bell; K 14-105 Mowry; K 14-106 Solis; K 14-107 Holmes; K 14-109 Ruiz; K 14-110 Cabrera; K 14-111 Ruiz; K 14-112 Robaina;  K 14-114 Perry; K 14-116 Valdes; K 14-118 Suarez; K 14-121 WASD vendors; K 14-122 Raiford; K 14-123 Garcia; K 14-124 Homestead-NASCAR; K 14-127 Cubillos; K 14-128 Hercules;  K 14-129 Lopez; K 14-130 Ferrer;  K 14-131 Sampson; K 14-134 Ballard; K 14-136 Perez

PI 14-01 Agostino; PI 14-02 Oroso; PI 14-03 Perry; PI 14-04 Eisenberg; PI 14-05 MB cars; PI 14-08 MDPD; PI 14-09 Sunny Isles Police; PI 14-10 Helfman; PI 14-13 Ubieta; PI 14-14 WASD parking; PI 14-17 Doral; PI 14-21 Vallejo; PI 14-22 Wallace; PI 14-23 Diaz; PI 14-28 Property liens; PI 14-29 Zapata; PI 14-33 Ramras; PI 14-34 Arteaga; PI 14-35 Waldman; PI 14-39 Diaz; PI 14-44 Krause; PI 14-50 Heriveaux; PI 14-51 Aelion; PI 14-56 Pazos v Mestre; PI 14-59 FIU certificates; PI 14-60 Cason; PI 14-61 Miami World Center

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